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The new Warrior Evo Warp Next defensive stick is the perfect stick for any advancing youth player who is making the switch over to a long pole. Defensive sticks are normally 60 inches long, the Evo Warp Next is only 54 inches long. This is perfect for any 12U player who is starting to play defense or LSM and needs a long pole. The Warp technology is awesome since it gives youth players a consistent pocket that throws and releases the same way, every single time.
$129.99 $119.99
Lax.com Exclusive - Custom 3d Ultra Power Z70 Complete Stick Combo
$169.99 $124.99
LAX.COM EXCLUSIVE! We have made one of the best face-off complete lacrosse sticks on the market and it is strung by our Pro's with StringKing 4S lacrosse mesh.  This complete stick includes the newly designed STX Duel 2 lacrosse head and the STX Z70 OCS lacrosse shaft