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Stringking goalie mesh eats up the rebounds and clears with ease. This stuff is the most premium grade lacrosse goalie mesh on the market and for a few extra bucks why not own the best. Stays consistent and will last well even for elite players. Keep your game fresh. Learn more from our Pro's about the best lacrosse goalie gear for 2017. Also check out the Grizzly Goalie Mesh Review for more pics and details.
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Shut down those rebounds with our custom 6D goalie Monster mesh pieces. Sometimes the fancy pieces from the "in fad" manufacturers shreds. This stuff is tried and true and has been used by collegiate level through youth players for years.
The STX Men's Breaker Goalie Pants feature shock-absorbing foam and add superior protection to your game. Block shots with east with the specifially designed pad placement and the stretch Spandex construction. These pads feel thick when you put them on. Primarily worn by youth players and women's programs.