Nike CEO 2 with Vandal Complete Stick


Nike CEO 2 with Vandal Complete Stick

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LAX Pro Insights Exclusive! Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head Paired With Nike Vandal Attack Shaft - Designed For FOGO, Attack & Middies - Versatile For Every Player Level - Check out our customizers, and our Premier Custom Stringing.


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Product Details

The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head is an updated version of one of the most popular lacrosse heads ever produced. The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head offers a perfect upgrade to any player that used the original version.  Our Pro's think that Nike did it perfectly since they kept the identical face shape and flex profile while updating and redesigning the scoop and throat. Nike preserved every performance feature from the original but updated the CEO 2:

  • Redesigned scoop and shortened throat
  • Aggressive scoop for easier ground balls for offensive attackers or players that dominate the face-off
  •  Shortened throat creates closer hand placement for generating more power and control while facing off
  • Best seller and you will see this lacrosse head on the fields being used by some of the best face-off and offensive players on the field

The Nike Vandal lacrosse shaft is a lightweight, durable alloy lacrosse shaft that is good for attack, midi and face-off.  It is so lightweight your stick movements are going to be quick and swift.

  • Textured surface for a secure grip in challenging conditions
  • Perfect for any level of play
  • Top seller at due to the superior value to weight ratio and simple graphics.
  • Learn why our Pro's think this is one of the best lacrosse shafts for attack 
  • Strong enough for advanced youth players, up to high school 
  • There is no other shaft at this value price point that delivers the strength and low weight that developing players need to improve their game.