The Best Lacrosse Shafts For Attack

Sep 8, 2017

The best lacrosse shafts for attack are broken down by a preference for carbon or metal shaft technology.  Many attackman that tend to shoot from the wings opt for carbon shafts because of the extra shot speed and whip.  However, may of the best players in the nation still opt for metal technology in their shafts because they are more accurate and offer that super-light feel.  The ratio here is estimated at 55% traditional metal to 45% carbon for college and high school players.  

Our list of the best lacrosse shafts for attack for 2018:


Let’s first run down the carbon shafts and why they made the list.

You can learn the difference between carbon and metal shafts by watching our video.

   The Epoch Dragonfly 8 series lacrosse shafts are really in a class of their own. Made of carbon with a new surface technology, Torque Box 2 which loads up shot release, offered in two flex points, and made in the USA. With three different shapes to choose from and two different flex points on attack, you can really tailor your shaft to your game and style of play.  The big deal here of course is the made in the USA quality of the entire Epoch Dragonfly 8 series.  Priced at $140, you need to go to the actual Epoch Dragonfly 8 page to see all the videos and see why these shafts simply dominate the high end of the shaft market.  

   Maverik Hyperlite Matte Grip - $140 -  These shafts are sub 5 oz. and feel like a piece of paper when you pick them up. If you are looking for light-done-right, these are amazing.  The only bad news is that because of the weight, they sometimes have trouble with bigger players and they will snap.  The honest news is that the bigger players that want the lightest feeling shaft on the market don’t care.  Like the old school Gait Ice shafts, the elite guys know they will go through at least 2-3 shafts in a season.  For advanced youth and high school players, these are all around awesome and are one of our top sellers.  Very easy to switch hands and one of the lightest feeling lacrosse shafts on the market.  

   STX Alliance XL – $120 - This is an interesting take on carbon fellas.  The XL stands for the fact that the shaft is actually FATTER than normal. Pick one up and you will immediately see how easy it is to handle the ball with an expanded grip.  Guys who  like to operate in close are already taking a liking to this shaft.  Look no further that the most popular putters in professional golf - bigger is better according to the pros!  

The list of elite class metal lacrosse shafts

If you want to learn the difference between carbon composite and metal lacrosse shafts watch this video.

   The Maverik A1 is our most popular advanced youth and high school attack lacrosse shaft offering from Maverik. The Maverik Apollo is our most popular high school and collegiate level lacrosse shaft from Maverik.  A slightly sandy texture keeps the tape weight down on the A1.  The A1 and the Apollo are the only two shafts with the patented “Speed” shape. Players describe the added control from the thumb groove running on the long sides of the shaft as the reason they feel so in control.  The A1 weighs in at 5.1 oz and the Apollo 5.3 - a slight difference but you can definitely feel the extra strength in the Apollo.  A1 is $94 and the Apollo is $120.  

   Maverik Apollo – Features on the Apollo shaft include; Maverik speed shape, scandium titanium alloy, bead blasted grip finish, ABE and dynamic wall taper.  At $119 these basically fall between the Blank and the Carbon.  If you are a bigger high school player and want just a little less than the Union, get the Apollo.  No frills graphics, 5.3 oz, smooth finish and ABE.  This also has the Maverik speed shape more grip for guys who like their thumbs to rest in that groove.  

   Warrior Evo Pro Diamond attack lacrosse shafts are built on the legacy of one of the best selling collegiate shafts of all time with a slight sandy feel.  This is the all-weather go to for most guys and you will see may attackman that will only play with this type of shaft when it it wet out.  Eliminates tape weight as well. - $150  

   STX Surgeon Sc-Ti -   At  $125 this is the lightest and most offensive shaft in the high end collegiate game.  Use by the majority of STX sponsored big name teams, the Sc-Ti ( Scandium / Titanium  mix ) has been a battle tested, light weight horse for offensive players.  Attack with confidence and switch hands quickly with the no frills smooth finish.  Thumb groove is also similar to the speed shape on the Maverik shafts.  That seems to be the favorite among guys dodging and operating in close as they can feel the shaft through the glove better.  

   Nike Vapor Elite 2 – This light weight shaft is one of Nike's best sellers for the fast handed attackmen. Super simple graphics - let you're play do the talking. This feels the most like the storied Gait Ice that outsold everything a few years back.  Again this is one of those sub 5 oz shafts that you want to be prepared to go through a few during a season.  These are as light as it gets and favored by the guys who rely on speed and shiftiness.  At $150 they are at the top of the price point, but pick one up and you will immediately know why.  If you just want the lightest feeling shaft on the market - go Nike.    

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