Shooting on the Run with Taylor Cummings

Dec 1, 2018

Women's lacrosse training drill video with Taylor Cummings. As one of the best female lacrosse players ever to hit the field, shooting on the run is one of the best components of the game for Under Armour athlete and Team USA member Taylor Cummings. In Taylor's latest video with, the all-star midfielder goes over her tips to become a lethal shooter by explaining her "BEEF" concept. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to to see more videos with Taylor and all the best highlights by signing up below!

improving your lacrosse shot for women

How To Improve Your Shot For Lacrosse (B.E.E.F. Concept)

  • B: Balance

    Balance your feet and make sure your hips are square toward the cage. If you are not balanced and square to the goal, chances are you are shooting a fadeaway or a crazy last chance goal and it's most likely not going in.

  • E: Elbows

    To help generate more power Taylor suggest keeping your elbows out and wide.

  • E: Eyes

    Keep your eyes focused on the goal. Taylor's mom used to tell her, "Shot at the big net, not the little net." Learn to focus on the cage behind the goalie and not to aim at the goalie.

  • F: Follow Thru

    Where ever you follow thru is where the ball is going to go. If you follow thru high, the ball will go high. If you snap your wrists and follow through low the ball will go low. Also, when on the run, keep running thru your shoot to generate the most power.

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