Win The Draw with Taylor Cummings

Nov 24, 2018
One of the best parts of Taylor's game, The Draw. Taylor goes over her three tips to be successful on the Draw and a drill which will help with both your reaction time and stick handling. Regarded as one of the greatest women's lacrosse players to ever step foot on a field, US Lacrosse Team USA and Under Armour athlete Taylor Cummings is the first and only 3 time Tewaaraton award winner as well as a two time national champion. Check it out and be on the lookout for more from, Where players get their gear!

How To Win the Draw In Lacrosse

Three Tips To Help Win The Draw In Lacrosse

  1. Get Your Hand As Close As You Can To The Plastic

    Getting your hand closer to the plastic of the head will give you the best control and power under the ball.

  2. Keep Your Eyes On the Ref

    Looking at the Referee allows you to see when she is about to blow the whistle. This can give you a jump start on your opponent.

  3. Lower Your Butt End Under The Height Of The Head

    To gain more leverage and a quicker release, Taylor suggests lowering the butt end of your stick under the top. Recently, the NCAA rules have changed to require the stick to be parallel to the line. We would check with your league to be sure, but if you are following NCAA rules, we suggest getting into a similar position by punching the butt end down as soon as the whistle blows to get the advantage.

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