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Lacrosse Mesh Has Been Approved For Women’s Lacrosse Sticks – Get Your Custom Strung Women’s Lacrosse Head At

September 15, 2017

New for the 2018 season, mesh pockets will be allowed in women’s lacrosse sticks across all age levels. is now offering custom strung women’s lacrosse heads with mesh. Watch the video above to learn about the different types of women’s custom lacrosse heads that are strung at
The governing body of lacrosse, US Lacrosse in collaboration with the NCAA and NFHS got together with the manufacturers and approved mesh in women’s pockets in an attempt to simplify the ultra-confusing regulations surrounding women’s lacrosse head stringing.  While we think many of the collegiate and high school players will continue with their traditional pockets, the younger players will receive a huge benefit from this change.  You can learn more about this new rule change to allow lacrosse mesh in women’s lacrosse sticks by reading this article in US Lacrosse magazine.  Or visit our women’s Instagram account and see some of the samples that we have strung up.

womens lacrosse custom stringing rail pocket mesh

The two most basic premises of women’s pocket legality will remain in place.

- Shooting strings must remain attached directly to the sidewall  (this keeps the upper part of the pocket from flexing too much and creating unfair, faster shots).

- The pocket depth must allow a portion of the ball to be seen above the sidewall ( front and back ) and no holes or gaps in the stringing can be bigger than 1 ½ inches.

Womens mesh stringing lacrosse sticks

At, we now offer custom stringing for women’s lacrosse sticks based on the new rules.  Our thoughts are that for the more advanced players, the manufactures will need to come out with some type of mesh that has a defined “sweet spot” sitting right under the shooting strings high in the pocket.  The material will likely be rubberized or have some treatment that would provide “hold” or grip in the pocket.  However, our Pro stringers have designed our own pocket that is legal and ready to go!



The best news is that the starter sticks and beginner sticks for the younger players will be much easier for them to learn to catch and throw.  The pockets will be a bit “softer” and “deeper” than the tennis racquet type lacrosse stringing that is currently offered on women’s starter lacrosse sticks.  This will really improve the learning curve for the younger player as the ball will stay in their sticks better when running and catching. will have more details on our first prototypes shortly and we will be offering custom strung mesh women’s lacrosse heads shortly.   Stay tuned, and give us a call with any questions 855-255-5294.

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