How To Buy A Women's and Advancing Youth Lacrosse Stick

Nov 28, 2018
Lacrosse sticks for the girls who are in between starter sticks and high school level play can be very tricky. The big secret is that very few of the manufacturers are producing a product that helps the middle-level player develop. The key to this critical stage of development is a pocket that pushes the ball up higher in the stick.  

As players develop in their throwing, catching and shooting, they will naturally develop a sweet spot in their pocket which will allow them to:

  1. Cradle more aggressively with more control 2. Release their shots and passes quicker 3. Put an accurate snap or zing in their passes and shots with the flick of a wrist   If you look at all the high-end high school and collegiate level pockets, they will all have the same type of “high” pocket placement where the ball will sit when the ball is at rest in the stick. The middle tier sticks get very close to that, buy the key is that the head design and pocket formation must be soft enough and high enough. The women's complete lacrosse sticks listed below are the very few that the major manufacturers have done a good job with respect to creating higher softer pockets. By purchasing one of these women's complete lacrosse sticks your advancing player will see an immediate improvement in the way they catch and throw the ball.  

STX Crux 400

  The top seller at $109. An advanced pocket runner is softer at the top and has the flexibility for younger girls to start to feel that quick release point at the top of the pocket. She will use it up into middle school and then graduate to the Crux 600 when she makes her freshman team. Stx crux 600 best womens lacrosse stick    

Under Armour Spotlight

  New to the market this complete lacrosse stick is perfect for the advanced youth and middle school player. This stick comes with a New Rail Flex pocket which offers a soft lightweight feel with excellent hold. She will use this up through freshman and then will graduate to the Under Armour Emissary complete stick. We were amazed by the control in this pocket at the pivot point. Under Armour has put some serious money into the high end of the game and it’s also trickling down to these advancing youth and JV level sticks. Priced at $120, this is the one you get if you want a stick that will get her up through the JV level with a soft, high pocket release speeds and accurate shots.under armour spotlight best advancing youth lacrosse    

StringKing Complete Women's Complete 2 Pro Composite

  New to women's lacrosse is the use of mesh in a lacrosse head. StringKing, a premier manufacturer of mesh, shafts, and heads for men, has now made the leap into the women's game. If your player wants the excellent feel and is ready to jump into the mesh game this is the complete lacrosse stick for her. It comes in two different models - offensive and defensive. While this complete lacrosse stick can be used by the super elite players, it is also a great way for any advancing youth player, that might be just starting out in the game to have an advantage on the field. The best choice would be the offensive stick for advancing youth. Stringking complete pro 2 womens      

STX Crux 600

  Honestly, if you just want the best for about $80 extra bucks, and something that is used by all the top HS and collegiate girls in the nation, just get this. Ask any coach, it’s the best pocket in lacrosse hands down and the one that permanently changed the pace of the women’s game a few years back. The Crux 600 Complete is hands down the best of the best. Shoot faster, play quicker, dodge with control - it’s all part of the changes the Crux 600 has brought to the women’s game. stx crux 600 best womens complete     Bottom line and our best advice - BE VERY CAREFUL AT THIS AGE GROUP. IF YOU GET YOUR DAUGHTER A STICK THAT HAS A POCKET LIKE A TENNIS RACQUET, SHE WILL BE AT A SEVERE DISADVANTAGE IN HER DEVELOPMENT AND ABILITY TO KEEP UP.  

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